The Human Effect

If vision is where you are going, culture is how you get there.

Real people.

Guiding the leaders and professionals of tomorrow

Vision and culture go hand in hand
Organisations are built by people – real people, in all their unpredictability and complexity. That means both a strong strategy and effective relational skills are essential for an organisation to grow into a High Performance Organisations. The Human Effect develops tailor-made programmes to help leaders, teams, and professionals realise the strategic and cultural conditions for growth. To achieve that, we put the dynamics and interactions between people at the heart of our work.

Real change.

Changing 'to the bone'

Organisational change means behavioural change
Change is an important point of focus for almost every organisation. New strategies, processes, and structures can help to facilitate change, but they are insufficient by themselves – because true organisational change also entails behavioural change. Accordingly, personal interests, desires, frustrations, emotions, and paradoxes inevitably play a part. By bringing 'under-the-table' dynamics to the surface, we allow fundamental, lasting change – real change – to flourish.