The Human Effect



Vision and strategy

We live in a time in which certain truths that we used to take for granted are increasingly under pressure. That calls for creative and courageous strategic thinking. But strategy is still too often considered purely a matter of theory and execution – while 'soft' factors like trust, culture and alignment are in fact crucial aspects of delivering successful change. The Human Effect operates from the conviction that vision and strategy development provide a natural stage for an honest dialogue, with room for difficult questions. We help executives and management teams to guide that process effectively, so that a coalition for real change can emerge within their organisations.

Leadership development

Effective leadership creates a shared direction, clarity, coherence, and alignment within an organisation. But achieving this takes more than good ideas and natural authority. The behaviour of leaders has a decisive impact on their results – you are your own instrument. That is why The Human Effect designs tailor-made leadership development programmes: personal, in-depth, and relevant to your individual work duties and challenges. We help board members and leaders to create a climate of trust, psychological safety and clear expectations: the basic ingredients of a healthy performance culture.

High-performing teams

Do you want to improve the performance of your team? Reduce tensions on the work floor? Or get a new team off to a good start? The Human Effect helps teams become more than the sum of their parts. We support executives, management, and professional teams and work interactively on the development of three core competences: emotional literacy, perspectivistic flexibility, and influencing group dynamics.

HPO measurements

Our approach is aimed at helping organisations grow into High-Performance Organisations. By developing the necessary underlying skills, effective change is set in motion, and organisational performance begins to improve. To track and quantify this growth, we work with a unique measuring instrument to evaluate how teams and leaders score on vision, culture, and relational skills. This tool ensures that the impact of our interventions is made transparent, and that we can work in a data-driven way to cultivate an organisational culture that is a proven contributor to improved performance.

Impact and influence for professionals

Professionals are the beating heart of every company. But their influence on decision-making processes is often (too) limited. Their knowledge and competence are rarely to blame for that. But having the right idea is not enough – the art is to get others to see it, too. We can help with that. On the one hand, we will focus on relational skills: detecting and breaking counterproductive patterns and dealing effectively with difficult behaviour of others. On the other hand, we will work on organisational awareness: how can you operate strategically in a complex field of stakeholders and interests? We develop tailor-made programmes to enhance the impact and influence of professionals.

Individual coaching

Are you looking for individual coaching to help explore your personal and professional questions in a confidential setting? Or are you looking to take the next step in your career?

The Human Effect coaches executives, managers, and professionals. We work in a way that is direct, engaged, and authentic. Disruptive, yet safe. Professional, yet personal. You will develop your self-awareness and receive practical tips to increase your individual impact. Coaching can help you make important decisions, improve your results, and find more joy in your life and work.