Between the end of 2012 and the summer of 2013, my team worked with The Human Effect to improve our internal co-operation. After a thorough re-organization, the team had to get used to a completely new division of tasks; in addition, we suffered from all sorts of entrenched behavioral patterns, frictions, prejudices, etc.

I especially appreciated how clearly and fluidly The Human Effect distinguished between individuals’ personalities, their professional roles, and the organizational context. They combined individual coaching with a number of group sessions, which together contributed to a strongly enhanced co-operative spirit and much-improved results in the following months.

Mirko Opdam
Teammanager Permits
Central City District


Society is changing, and so is the political playing field. That takes a lot from our municipality’s policy advisors. The neutral expert writing documents for the municipal executive must transform towards an active director of societal processes: coming up with projects, implementing them, and demonstrating the leadership required to bring them to a successful conclusion. The Human Effect has worked with us to co-create the program Impact and Influence for policy advisors. Their guidance has been personal, precise, and respectful to everyone’s individuality. And I was particularly impressed by the important role that the management of policy advisors played in the process. The program was extremely impactful, both on a personal and on a professional level. In the end it became so popular that people applied spontaneously.

I am unbelievably happy with the results we achieved, and the way we did it. The Human Effect switches gear very easily, carefully attends to each participant, and always remained in close touch with me, the client. The program ran for three years, until all policy advisors had participated. Not for a single moment did the focus lapse or did they work on autopilot. Absolutely excellent!


Witlox Van den Boomen | VDB Attorneys Notaries are a strategic alliance employing over 300 professionals in our accountancy, tax consultancy, corporate finance, legal and notarial departments. We are established in Waalre (near Eindhoven) and Rosmalen.

This alliance has frequently relied on the services of The Human Effect in the past years. In a time frame of just a few years, we were required to recalibrate and implement some radical changes in our organization. The Human Effect has contributed advice and assistance with regard to the following issues:

Over the years, The Human Effect developed a leading role in our company as our organizational advisor on personal values. Our company is a network of people, with their external and internal relationships. As the world of the corporate service industry – financial, fiscal, and legal – is undergoing rapid changes, we felt the need for an external sparring partner. Someone to do for us what we do for our clients: to be a trusted advisor. The plentiful conversations, practical assistance, and where necessary the sessions of training and coaching that THE provided us with have made their mark on our alliance, both in terms of time saved (we were able to develop more rapidly) and in terms of improved results (we pressed ahead and kept our focus.) The result has been exactly what we desired: a fit team looking forward to the future.

What has been the core of our successful collaboration, and why would we recommend The Human Effect? In our view, they have shown commitment, dependability, understanding of our corporate culture, and sensitivity to the underlying problems and their solutions. Because of our mutual trust, we were able to work very constructively and address even the most difficult issues together.

Mr. S.F.M. (Simon) van den Boomen
Witlox Van den Boomen | VDB Attorneys Notaries
Managing partner / Advisor