Arjan ter Linden

Precisely the connecting of real people to real goals is what allows us to build a meaningful future

Arjan ter Linden (1969) studied Business Economics with a speciailization in organization management. He has completed further courses on strategy, marketing, psychology, coaching, NLP and Theory U. He is a visiting lecturer at the Strategic Leadership Program of Nyenrode Business University.

Building a meaningful vision with talented people: that's what gets Arjan out of bed in the morning. As an architect, advisor, and confidant, he enhances the chances of success of processes of change. He knows every bump and pitfall in the road, both with regard to the “hard” and the “soft” side of change. Arjan recognizes qualities and drives in others, knows how to instill the confidence in people' to trust their own leadership, builds bridges and winning teams. He is a valuable sparring partner when making strategic and personal decisions.

Arjan specializes in applying the lessons of professional sports to the realm of business and counsels professional athletes in career choices.