Inez Bosch

“If only everyone said what they meant, and did what they said...”
-Martin Buber

Inez has been fascinated by behavior since her childhood. She saw how easily communication between people could be derailed, despite the good intentions of those involved. She wants to understand and change this dynamic. How can we deal with our own and others' defensive patterns? How do we cope with our vulnerabilities and prejuidices? How can we tap into our hidden potential?

Those are the questions at play in the organizations that Inez works for. Places where individual behavior or group dynamics are counterproductive to the Purpose of an organization or team; where clots of unexpressed emotions stem the flow of results. Or wherever there's potential that doesn't come to fruition. She has years of experience in Leadership and Professional Development, working with teams, individuals, and groups to truly connect, enhance their impact, and reach sustainable results for their organizations. She regularly speaks at congresses and conferences about these issues.

Inez Bosch (1965) studied Dutch Language and Literature with a specialization in Communication at Nijmegen University. She later supplemented her studies with applied psychology, a variety of courses in coaching and training, as well as Theory U. She worked in consultancy and management positions at KPN and FHV/BBDO, after which she made a career switch to De Baak management center VNO NCW. Since 2005 she has been a partner and co-founder of The Human Effect.