Ingeborg Herdingh

‘From essences to concrete results.’

Ingeborg Herdingh (1968) is organizational psychologist and a partner at The Human Effect. She has worked at De Baak, management center VNO-NCW, and at ING Bank in various advisory and management positions.

She is trained in guiding processes of change, Theory U, Gestalt therapy, and conflict coaching. She is also a permanent teacher at De Baak for a module “Coaching Leadership” and a certified yoga instructor.

Ingeborg is passionate about designing and giving guidance in profound processes of change within organizations, leadership and professional programs, and working with (management) teams and personal coaching.

She wants to contribute to an organizational climate that allows people to open up and show (personal) leadership. A result-oriented environment, but with enough safety for people to share their underlying feelings and vulnerabilities. To help creative potential come to fruition. This is all the more important in our times of change and uncertainty. Especially in a pinch, we need to support and empower each other.

She is driven by an endless curiosity and love for life and the human condition. The desire to be in touch with her own essence and others'. And the conviction that every one of us shares in the desire for happiness, recognition, appreciation, uniqueness, and fulfilling, intimate relationships.

As a trainer and coach, she quickly locates the crux of the matter. She is confronting, but fine-tuned and sensitive. She has a sharp eye for patterns and knows how to bring the essence to the surface, allowing it to be carefully discussed. In that process, respect, security and trust are her most important values.