Ingrid de Groot

“What's most important is invisible to the eye.”
(Jonathan Day, McKinsey)

Situations that involve humans are complex and dynamic.There's a lot going on at once. On multiple layers. Visibly, but especially invisble to the eye.

The dynamics between people, their roles, and their organizations have been a Ingrid de Groot's (1966) focus. With a background as a psychologist and organizational advisor, she has worked for 15 years as an independent advisor, trainer, and coach. As such, she has years of experience guiding transformations in organizations and teams, both substantively and process-oriented. She has been a partner at The Human Effect since 2009.

A single individual is a world by themselves. A unique human with an inner world of emotions and convictions, fears, desires, and interests. With their (sub)conscious ways to show and hide part of themselves to the outside world – and to their professional context.

Ingrid's unique quality is her capacity for complexity. She connects in a natural and safe way to other people, understanding that organizational structure and culture has a powerful influence on teams and employees. She is sensitive to the emotional bottom-line of ostensibly irrational processes. Because people feel that all factors are viewed with nuance and fairness, they open up and allow themselves to be vulnerable. Ingrid creates new space where things felt cramped. Building on a clear human and organizational analysis, she offers guidance for the redrawing of roadmaps. Such as training and coaching professionals and managers to obtain necessary skills. Or team projects and individual coaching.

As a personal coach, she works with people on questions of leadership, personal effectiveness, stress, tension, and burn-outs, and career change. She is acclaimed for her ability to translate theory into practice.

Ingrid is educated in psychodynamic coaching (Utrecht School of Governance and Organizational Sciences), guiding processes of change (Van Veen and Partners), conflict coaching, Theory U, and existential orientation. She gained experience as a career coach at outplacement consultancy Van Ede and Partners. She's especially comfortable in the realm of governance and public policy.