Lukas Straathof

“I am always doing things I can't do; that's how I get to do them.”
-Pablo Picasso

Most people have good intentions and good ideas. They want the best for each other and the company. And yet, all too often, they can't make it happen. Lukas has a sharp eye for where things go wrong, and how they can be rectified. He is an innovative thinker, sees interconnections that go unseen by others, and is not afraid to be confrontational. He has the ability to rapidly create transparancy in the more opaque realms of business. Philosophically, he is convinced that culture and behavior can never be separated from the context and structures in which people operate.

He brings personal growth, job satisfaction, and results back to the foreground. Is fascinated by the reasons why the same solutions may work in one place but not in another – and how people can influence those processes. He is an expert in designing and conducting Leadership and Professional Development projects that allow people to change their thoughts and actions long-term. His coaching is intuitive, caring, and direct.

Lukas Straathof (1964) studied hospitality management, business economics, and philosophy, with change management as his specialization. He followed a variety of courses on system dynamics, coaching, and organizational change. He has experience in ICT consultancy and (Prince2) project management, and worked as a guest lecturer at the Free University of Amsterdam, Sioo, and De Baak.